About Us

Highland Morning is proud to be family owned and operated right in the middle of the Highlands and St. Matthews neighborhoods. The idea was born as an idea to bring value and quality to Louisville’s most vibrant areas with a truly unique upscale breakfast and lunch experience. In a melting pot of culinary options such as Louisville’s restaurant industry offers, the challenge was to offer something that differentiated Highland Morning from the rest.  And, it gave the Coe Family the chance to confirm what they suspected all along.  First, that good breakfast…really good breakfast was hard to find.  Second, that breakfast food has powerful intangible qualities that elicit feelings of comfort, warmth and well-being for many people. And, that there was a strong demand in the marketplace for the kind of authentic, hand-crafted, fresh recipes that customers love to eat, but seldom cook for themselves

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of friends and other fellow self proclaimed breakfast champions – and armed with an intense love of good food. The founders teamed up with a talented chef. Then, they got to work on the careful trial-and-error process that involved hundreds of recipes and scores of tasters who all helped to form our Louisville proud independent restaurant. Come join the Highland Morning Family today for breakfast or lunch done right!

Meet the Fam: COMING SOON!
stay tuned for a look into our awesome Highland Morning Family..